Earlier this year I started seriously looking into moving back to Australia – after 9 years in NYC. Aging parents, tiring of being an expat, wanting to feel more anchored etc. As covid hit and Scott Morrison made announcements about returning ASAP, I wondered whether that was my trigger to move.

But – I’d just signed a new lease, was due to deliver two 12 month projects I’d been leading within a few months, and my travel agent advised me that I’d probably need to book a flight within a few a days. I simply couldn’t wrap all of that in such a short time, logistically or emotionally.

As the covid months have passed I’ve been thinking more and more about returning, but at the same time it’s become more and more restrictive to return. I’m now feeling really stressed by not seeing my family for Christmas (I can’t spend 2 weeks of PTO in a hotel room then turn around and fly back), plus the sheer, impossible price of flights now plus quarantine hotel fees. I have a Qantas return flight from my last Christmas trip to Australia, but it looks like that will be useless now.

I can’t really do any legwork to explore jobs back in Australia because I can’t tell anyone when I’ll be able to come back. Knowing that there’s already a huge backlog of Australians trying to get back with truly urgent reasons is also a cause for huge concern.

I feel trapped here, like I can’t move ahead with my life – when by law, I should be able to return to the country I was born in and have a passport for.

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America Josh

I had a fantastic life in Adelaide and in Australia but thought in late 2015 that it was time to do something new. I handed over control of my company, sold my house, car, and even gave away my cat (“Aslan”) to start on my journey to New York.

I arrived in New York on January 10, 2017, from Adelaide, South Australia and in March 2017, I started America Josh to help make the transition to the US from wherever you’re from just a little bit easier.

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