Traveling with 3 kids on my own. My husband is trying to get a job but we have 60 days to leave the country as Saudi laws. My dog can’t come with is as it supposed to stay here for 5 months more to be allowed to travel to Australia. No school since March 9th. Embassy give information only through Facebook page. Not help at all from anyone

We need help.

Aussie Stuck Abroad: Bella (Saudi Arabia to Queensland)

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I had a fantastic life in Adelaide and in Australia but thought in late 2015 that it was time to do something new. I handed over control of my company, sold my house, car, and even gave away my cat (“Aslan”) to start on my journey to New York.

I arrived in New York on January 10, 2017, from Adelaide, South Australia and in March 2017, I started America Josh to help make the transition to the US from wherever you’re from just a little bit easier.

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