Came to Poland as a family of 4 with intent of staying a year, getting work experience and teach my kids second language from the country O was born in. Had flights booked in May 20 for September 20 travel when borders in Poland opened and situation back in Australia was stable.

With introduction of flight caps, our flights in September have been cancelled and rescheduled 3 times now with the 4th option to travel in end October 2020. We have a mortgaged poroperty in Melbourne where we lived for 11 years up until 2019 and we need to return to get work and continue repay the home loan. We are loosing tenants in September 2020 when we were due to come back. We have made another booking with Premier Economy 4x the normal cost for my husband to return on 6th September alone and take care of the bills. Up to today 2nd September, we dont know if he gets to fly and doesnt get bumped off his flight.

Any refund from the cancelled flight will take up to 10 weeks and there are no seats until November 2020 now. He still doesnt have a visa to work in Poland and no rights. I already moved out from our rental property and living with relatives thinking it will only be for few weeks before our flight. Now we are stuck for at least few months.

Australia has to remove the caps and allow Australians to self isolate at home. All other countries have done that and it worked.

I am disappointed to be Australian now.