We wanted to go home early this year. So my bf quit his job as he has to give 3 months notice. When I went to the doctor to ask how to fly safer as I had asthma, he said I should not fly as I have asthma and a high bmi.

So we decided not to leave in April and wait to see if my asthma got better. My bfs company would not take back his resignation and he had to lose his job. He found a new job in Perth and so now I have decided to quit my job and fly back in October. Because he already was without one and the job in Perth said they wouldn’t wait. So we have booked business class as that’s what the airline said to do. 15k I. Flights.

We were saving this for a house deposit. Not we might not even be able to fly back and I had to also give notice at my job as we have booked flights. We are lucky that we have families that if we loose my job and the flight is canceled can help us out. It’s just the unknown. If I knew the flight I going to be canceled I’d keep my job but you can’t know and I have to quit. So here is hoping we get home! Thanks for reading all this!!