As we roll quickly into the new year you will have noticed that it got REALLY cold outside. So what better thing to do than go to the warm popcorn-y movies? Unfortunately, at $20 a ticket, it looked like most of us will be stuck out in the cold… until now.

There’s no point delaying any further, the answer is MoviePass.

America’s Largest Theater Network

Over 4,000 theaters and more than 36,000 screens

For $10/month (actually, $9.95) you can walk into almost any movie in your city and get a ticket for free EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Yesterday I went and saw “The Post” at a Regal Cinema, so I can confirm that this genuinely works and isn’t some weird scam (the movie was great by the way, but don’t get me started on how audiences here applaud at the end of the film!?).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to and push “Sign Up” (this link is my referral code);
  2. You’ll provide some pretty standard information about yourself and payment information;
  3. About a week later you’ll receive your card in the mail (which is just a normal debit Mastercard);
  4. Download the MoviePass app (for free) onto your mobile device;
  5. When you want to see a movie (on the day only, that’s how this works), you tap on that movie you want to see (you can also reserve a seat when appropriate);
  6. You walk into the cinema’s self serve machines and select to buy one new ticket to that film;
  7. When it comes to payment time, just swipe your MoviePass card;
  8. It will confirm your “payment” and you’ll be holding a ticket like everyone else!
  9. Bonus steps:
    1. Take a mortgage;
    2. Buy some popcorn;
    3. Take a second mortgage;
    4. Buy a drink

So how does this looks-like-a-scam work? Well, analysts are saying that there are two elements to it. First off, by providing personal information to MoviePass and then selecting which movies you want to see, they for the first time can start to build a real profile of who sees what movies and when. This data is incredibly valuable to cinemas and production companies.

Secondly, in many places across the US, movies cost less than $10 and therefore there’s money to be found in those that might only go see one or two movies a month for $5 a piece.

This all being said, you may want to get onto this sooner rather than later because some skeptics don’t think it’s a deal that can last forever!

Happy cinema going and thanks, Hannah Collins for the hot tip!

Movie Pass

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