Do you know what your I-94 date is? Are you even in the country legally? You should always be aware of your I-94 date, and we thought we’d throw a party remind you!

Think of it this way: When you arrive in the country, your passport is stamped and you are approved for entry. On that stamp, and through an online system (the I-94) you are given a date that you absolutely have to be out of the country before.

If you overstay your I-94 date, you could be barred from re-entering the United States for up to 10 years!!

It’s not worth risking it with this one. At all.

So I got together with the Australian Consulate-General of New York, Zjantelle from Cammisa Markel (super lawyers), and The Hairy Lemon and devised a plan:

Introducing I-94 Day

On 4/9 and 9/4 we’re throwing a party. 

A party where you first check your I-94, make sure that you’re legally allowed to be in the United States, and then join us for a beer, and a meat pie at The Hairy Lemon in the East Village!

From 6pm, bring your friends, and everyone with a valid I-94 gets a raffle ticket on entry!

What should I do if my I-94 isn’t valid?

Contact a lawyer, like Zjantelle at Cammisa Markel, immediately. Here’s her email!

i94 day party