If you’ve read through my site, you’ll know that I’ve written a lot about tipping properly including my guide to tipping which goes through how to tip for meals and food. But what about the specials during the holiday season? How much should you tip your super, your doorman, and the other staff in your building for the holidays?

First things first, did you know that you’re meant to tip them at all for the holidays?

Yes, you have to tip the staff in your building

I will admit that when I first moved, I had absolutely no idea that it was a thing and luckily I was put right quickly.

It’s an important part of being a good tenant or owner in your apartment block, and I want to make sure you do it correctly. They do lots for you throughout the year without much more than a smile and thank you, so now is your time to repay (and just be nice, it’s the holidays).

So how much do you tip?

I built a calculator based on some data available online with TripleMint who went around and interviewed different staff to find out what the standard was.

It breaks things down into whether you own or rent, how big your apartment is, how long you have lived in the building, how many apartments are in your building, how much you use the staff as they all impact how much you should be tipping.

P.S. Tips are cash, not any other form. You can give gifts, you can even bake something for them, but that has to be in addition to cold, hard cash.

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