“The pandemic made me realize I’m not happy going back to how things were”. If you’re feeling frazzled, flat, lethargic, or maybe even if you’re over work in general (even if it is working from home) it turns out you’re not even remotely alone. In fact, you’re in good company with most of the America Josh community!

I’ve had a lot of people getting in touch in the last few months with visa issues, and with company and job changes, who don’t really know what they want their next step to be. So I wanted to give you something that might be able to help.

The New York Times, CNBC & others have been reporting recently on the trend of workers in the USA and indeed across the world deciding to quit, to risk it all, to mix it up. The overall sentiment goes a little something like:

The pandemic changed my priorities, and I realized I didn’t have to live like this.

If you look around the internet you’ll find things like this survey which found that more than 40% of employees globally are considering leaving their jobs this year. 80% of those people thinking about leaving say they’re doing so because they’re concerned about their career advancement.  72% say the pandemic caused them to rethink their skill sets.

COVID has led to some pretty serious career conundrums

The one thing that we’re all coming to realize though is that it’s all down to you and what you want to do with your own future. Sure, it’d be easier to outsource the worry and pass it onto someone else, but it doesn’t really work like that.

It’s even more exhausting for those of us who are expats or migrants living in a new country. Trying to figure out the lay of the land, the office politics, the language and cadence that’s normal and appropriate for performance reviews, pay raises, etc.

So what can you do to get your head straight about your career?

Well, let me introduce my fellow Aussie in NYC friend, Meggie. She and I met through the Aussie diaspora grapevine that is New York a few years ago. Meggie started a company called PepTalkHer which is focused on helping professionals recalibrate their careers.

Meggie reckons the most important thing is to track your successes:

So here’s the thing, Josh – I don’t remember what I ate for dinner 3 weeks ago, let alone what I did at work in February. How are we expected to remember all our work wins for our once-a-year performance review? It’s tough! Write everything down!

If you’re bad at writing things down, I’ve got a tip (and an app to help track your successes).

Do you need some help navigating your career, raises, and future?

Ok, so the theory is all there, but what about if you want some help?

PepTalkher (Meggie’s company) is now running a free program, the 5 Day Career Success Sprint. It’s free and it’s focused on helping you reset and calibrate for the rest of the year (2021, the year that’s already half gone).

It starts in a few weeks and it includes some pretty straight-forward things like:

  • A free daily challenge from our in house psychologist so you see success shifts straight away;
  • A Live 10 minutes daily coaching call with Meggie to dive deeper into the success framework & to ask her any career questions (live); and
  • A supportive “accountability crew” to make sure you accomplish your goals & end 2021 with a bang (no matter how it started) and so you don’t feel alone navigating your career.

I can’t stand courses that take hours because who the hell has time for that, so this one’s been distilled into 5 minutes. Snackable, bite-sized career advice is the name of the game!

Meggie and the team ran the challenge earlier in the year and 1,000 people went through to try it out and people reported better salaries, promotions, and even reduced student debt.

“We decided to use an evidence-based approach since there is so much incredible research into workplace wellbeing, self-esteem, and behavioral change. We’ve really done a deep dive into understanding what professional women are wanting from their careers and their lives, and also how we can address the barriers to this.

“Professional support is all well and good, but peer support is much more powerful since through this you are also able to offer support and guidance – as well as receive it.

“Ultimately, we’re trying to support our participants to meet their full potential, whatever that looks like”

Bri Jenkins, Behavioral Psychologist

So if this sounds like something you’re interested in you can sign up now, just here.

About Meggie Palmer and why am I writing this?

Meggie is a good friend and I like the way she does things. She’s helpful, professional, and most of all, she knows what’s she’s talking about. Having been on the receiving end of a few of her pep talks where she kicks my ass for not doing more with my businesses – I can vouch for her skills.

I also know that there are lots of people sitting in their homes in both their home country, or in America, right now thinking: “WTF am I going to do next”… so I thought I’d help.

Here’s what I copy-pasted about her from the internet:

A former journalist, consultant, and now entrepreneur, she’s negotiated multi-million dollar deals with top-tier financial services companies.

She’s helped people negotiated $100,000+ pay raises and most importantly, she does it in a way that’s digestible.

She’s good at what she does. So if you’re one of the people that feels dazed and confused about the next steps they have to take in their career then The Career Success Sprint launches 21 June – and you can sign up now for first access.

She also launched an App about 2 years ago that prompts you to reflect on your career success every week

Its purpose is to make you stop, take stock, take a record of your achievements and then use that data to get what you need at work.  It might be a pay rise. It might be flexible work. It might be a new job title. But it does the heavy lifting when it comes to remembering what to talk about at your next opportunity.