The Brooklyn Barge

Every week I try to visit some new venues and tell you about the best ones. So where has Josh been this week?

Restaurant of the week

It’s Pasta time!

Cotenna is a DELICIOUS and beautiful little wine bar to take some friends or a date. The food is tasty and well priced, and the wine matches just beautifully. All of the pasta is really good!


Bar of the week

Do you like bobbing up and down on the water slightly while you drink?

The Brooklyn Barge is a delightfully popular watering hole near Greenpoint that lets you setup and stay cool during the hot afternoons with the air flying off the water. During the weekends and warm evenings it’s going to get popular but definitely worth a visit!

The Brooklyn Barge

Where to watch the World Cup Live

I’ve written a whole post about where to watch every single FIFA World Cup Final LIVE in the East Village. Free drinks, raising money for charity, it’s got everything!

Where to watch the FIFA World Cup Finals in New York City

Insider tips of the week

Every week, at Dinner with New Friends, I ask the group: “Do you have one super tip that you’d love to pass on to everyone in New York City?” Here goes the second round!:

“Art lovers who’ve done all the usual things should go to the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City for a walking day that could also include the nearby Socrates Sculpture Park.” – Barrie K.

“Sounds silly. But if you are like me and get super disoriented coming out from the subway, try remembering the traffic direction (north/south) of the avenues to help navigate yourself. Also, listen to the  ‘ (podcast) older episodes for great historical insights into NY monuments, buildings etc.” – James L.

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