3 Movies per Week for $20 in 2019

3 Movies per Week for $20 in 2019

I’ve written a lot about MoviePass, but with that company slowly sinking, it’s time to recommend a realistic alternative! My friend Edward is here to help you with something for all you movie-loving buffs! AMC Stubs A-List is raising its … Read More

Cheap Broadway tickets to all the Broadway Shows

How to get cheap Broadway tickets for every show

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The Best Coworking Space in NYC

The best (and cheapest) coworking space in NYC

So back in November, 2017 I wrote an article about “Co-working space in NYC“, and I’m going to up the ante (because I’ve now been a member for about a year and it’s time to renew my vows). Co-working in … Read More

Cocktails in NYC

Cheap drinks in NYC this winter

If you’re looking for a way to drink cheaply this winter in NYC, rest assured you’re not the only one. There are actually a few different services around the place that will facilitate you going out, having … Read More

How to see 31 movies at the cinema for $10

How to see 31 movies at the cinema for $10

As we roll quickly into the new year you will have noticed that it got REALLY cold outside. So what better thing to do than go to the warm popcorn-y movies? Unfortunately, at $20 a … Read More