How I've benefited

I want people to trust this website, so therefore I have decided to make a list of everything that I get, make, or earn because of affiliate links or referrals and any other income I make from this website.

  1. 25th July, 2017 – TransferWise (3 Referrals) – £50
  2. 29th October, 2017 – RoomTurn – I’ve been offered a kickback for every referral I send to RoomTurn in the form of free or reduced price cleans. I haven’t received anything yet, but will update!
    1. 31st October, 2017 – RoomTurn – One free clean.
    2. 4th November, 2017 – RoomTurn – $25 credit.
  3. 4th November, 2017 – Munchery – $20 credit.
  4. 4th November, 2017 – Munchery – $20 credit.
  5. 12th December, 2017 – Munchery – $20 credit.
  6. 12th January, 2018 – TransferWise (3 Referrals) – £50

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Dinner with New Friends

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How to dispose of a mattress (or box spring) in New York City

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