Currently for Sale

It’s crazy! When I first moved to New York I had two suitcases and nothing else. Since then, I’ve filled a whole apartment with my stuff and now I’m at the point where time-to-time, I’m going to need to sell some things!

So on this page, you will find what I’ve currently got for sale! Make me an offer! Everything is pick up only from my apartment on Avenue C, unless otherwise stated.

To inquire about any, please email [email protected]!

Leather Couch

What a beauty!

My girlfriend is moving in with me and there’s no space for her beloved sofa, so here it is in glorious dark brown!

Length: 121″ (78.5″ + 42.5″)
Depth: 38″
Height: 24″

It’s in great condition (it’s been taken care of but has also been used for sitting so does have some wear on areas of the leather – see pic below) and is about 6/7 years old.

Available March 10 for pickup from 47th and 2nd. $2,000 or best offer. RRP $7,500.


Two separate black IKEA dressers (stacked on top of one another at the moment).

Each in good condition. Have held clothes well.

Available March 10 for pickup from 47th and 2nd. $25 each or best offer.

TV Stand

Custom made IKEA TV stand. It’s a normal TV stand but it very handily was modified with some doors added to the back so it works as a room divider in a studio! GENIUS!

Available March 10 for pickup from 47th and 2nd. $50 or best offer.

Queen Sized Foam Mattress

This mattress hails from the guy I bought my bed frame from! The frame was fancy, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the mattress is pretty good too. When I had someone living with me, she thought it was a comfortable mattress, so that’s a win!

I feel weird about selling a second (third?) hand mattress for money, so it’s yours for FREE. It’s queen-sized, it’s in good condition, and it’s ready now to pick up! Inquire now!

Queen Mattress