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All the information an expat needs before a move to America and New York City.

Have you just arrived or still planning your move to New York City?


You’ve landed in the United States, and it's now time get yourself setup. This is your guide to NYC and America for the first month.


Once you've gotten all that out the way and you know the essentials, finally you want to know the extra bits to make the stay even better.


Are you looking to meet new people in New York? Once a week, 10 people who aren’t yet friends having dinner (and drinks if you’d like) at an affordable restaurant around NYC on a Tuesday or Wednesday at 7pm (with me there too).

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Everything you need to know and the latest tips from an Australian abroad.

Dinner with New Friends

Dinner with New Friends

Since moving to NYC and starting this website to try and help Aussies (and other expats) new to NYC, I’ve met some really awesome people one-on-one. Some of the people I’ve met have had specific questions they needed help with, … Read More

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Looking for a great volunteer opportunity?

Looking for a great volunteer opportunity?

Looking for a great volunteer opportunity? Ads Up, the Aussie refugee network, is looking for volunteers to meet with newly arrived refugees! You may have heard about the refugee swap deal signed between the US and Aus, which allows 1250 … Read More

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Best way to transfer AUD to USD

Best way to transfer AUD to USD – Transferwise vs. OFX vs. vs. PayPal vs. Banks

Transferring money internationally is an expensive and confusing process the first time you try but if you know where to look, I can help you transfer those Australian Dollars ($AUD) into US Dollars ($USD) in no time! There are four … Read More

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Cheap Broadway tickets to all the Broadway Shows

How to get cheap Broadway tickets for every show

There are so many different ways to buy cheap Broadway tickets for shows that it can be confusing sometimes! So did you know that there’s a website that lists all the special deals and ongoing lotteries for all the major … Read More

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Real Italian Cooking With The 'Nonnas' Who Know It Best Enoteca Maria

It’s time for Dinner with New Friends and Nonnas!

Dinner with New Friends has been a LOT of fun so far. We’ve had 14 dinners with 14 people all having dinner and making new friends and connections each and every week at different restaurants in the city. I’ve worked … Read More

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How to watch Australian TV in America

How to watch Australian TV in America

Do you have a favorite TV show that you miss from Australia? Well, Katherine from Bright Lights of America has some tips below for how to watch Australian TV in America!  Netflix and Amazon TV are fantastic, and I refuse … Read More

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America Josh 200 Posts


Hello Friend, What a milestone! We’ve reached 200 posts on America Josh! The site is growing, with more information, more partners, more fun, and coming in the next few weeks I have a REALLY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! In the meantime, I only ask … Read More

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Finding a Job in New York City from Australia

6 Steps to Finding a Job in New York City from Australia

If you want to move to America, there’s a good chance that finding a job in New York City is one part of your plan. Adriana at Career Contessa is here to help with her best tips and steps for finding a … Read More

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Compare Ride Sharing Ride Hailing App Prices Juno Lyft Uber Via

cabstr: How to compare prices of ride-sharing apps

This week I discovered a new app, cabstr, that is going to dramatically decrease the amount of time I wait for a ride-hailing car or ride-sharing car and make it cheaper too by comparing all available prices and wait-times! I find … Read More

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Adelaide Crows AFL Grand Final New York City

Where to watch the AFL Grand Final 2018 in New York City

If you’re looking for a great spot to watch the 2018 AFL Grand Final in New York City, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re having an event or know of a great venue, please do let me know and … Read More

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Immigration Diversity Lottery USA

Green Card Lottery 2018 (DV-2020): Eight things you must know

First things first: The green card lottery 2018 (DV-2020) is NOW OPEN! Second things second: There is only one official website for entering the green card lottery: DO NOT TRUST ANY WEBSITE THAT TELLS YOU OTHERWISE. The official information about DV-2020 can be … Read More

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Tuck Shop NYC Closing

Tuck Shop NYC is closing after 13 years!

It was the first “Australian-style” place I visited after moving here to New York on a day of weakness, in search of a pie. The Tuck Shop on 1st Avenue is shutting its doors next Tuesday, September 25, and they’ve … Read More

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Wine Tasting Sail NYC

Wine Tasting Sail NYC: Our Weekend on the Water

This weekend, Stacey and I went for a Wine Tasting Sail out of New York City’s North Cove Yacht Harbor (near the World Trade Centre) on the Hudson River with Manhattan by Sail and it was freaking delightful! After very … Read More

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Welcome to America Josh

Hello! I’m Josh Pugh and I arrived in New York on January 12, 2017, from Adelaide, South Australia (read more about me if you’d like) with a suitcase and not much more.

While I found lots of resources across the internet to help with my move, I couldn’t find a reliable central point with information about the basics; so I thought I’d fix that.

This site is a compilation of answers to frequently asked questions I’ve found on forums, Facebook pages and from my own experience. The content is always changing and evolving as I learn more and as helpful people submit updates. To help you, all pages include “Last updated” dates right at the bottom.

If you think something isn't quite right, have a hot tip, or want to share a coffee (beer) please do email me at - I love a chat. There are also forms at the bottom of every page that will let you send feedback.

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