Before you arrive

All the information an expat needs before a move to America and New York City.

Setting up

You’ve landed in the United States, and it’s now time get yourself setup. This is your guide to NYC and America for the first month.

Living here

Once you’ve gotten all that out the way and you know the essentials, finally you want to know the extra bits to make the stay even better.

Introducing the America Josh Buddy System

I realized that right now, the more we can connect with each other, the happier and better we can be. Not only that but with stronger communities, we can be louder, we can be more active, and we can be more effective.

So, to help that, I’ve built the America Josh Buddy System. Remember the buddy system from primary school?

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Where to get a U.S. Visa

Looking to get a US Visa at the a Consulate or Embassy around the world?

Below you will find reviews from others who have, including turnaround times, and appointment wait times. Click on the location you’re interested in.

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