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All the information an expat needs before a move to America and New York City.

Have you just arrived or still planning your move to New York City?


You’ve landed in the United States, and it's now time get yourself setup. This is your guide to NYC and America for the first month.


Once you've gotten all that out the way and you know the essentials, finally you want to know the extra bits to make the stay even better.


Are you looking to meet new people in New York? Once a week, 10 people who aren’t yet friends having dinner (and drinks if you’d like) at an affordable restaurant around NYC on a Tuesday or Wednesday at 7pm (with me there too).

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Everything you need to know and the latest tips from an Australian abroad.

Dinner with New Friends

Dinner with New Friends

Since moving to NYC and starting this website to try and help Aussies (and other expats) new to NYC, I’ve met some really awesome people one-on-one. Some of the people I’ve met have had specific questions they needed help with, … Read More

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Cheapest and easiest place to get an E-3 Visa

Cheapest and easiest place to get an E-3 Visa

Getting an E-3 Visa is a stressful time, no matter how qualified, how prepared, how experienced, or how eager you are to get one. The least I can do is make the process a little bit easier based on reviews … Read More

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Restaurant Week 2019 is almost here!

NYC Restaurant Week 2019 is almost here!

New York City’s Restaurant Week (the first one for 2019) is almost upon us, so I thought I’d give you a quick insight on what exactly it is and how to take the best advantage of it! Restaurants, New York, … Read More

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Scott from Scott's Cheap Flights has some special tips

Scott from Scott’s Cheap Flights has some special tips

If you haven’t heard of Scott’s Cheap Flights, it’s a website that provides “the world’s best flight deals. Handpicked by experts.” and allows you to “get email alerts when our experts find cheap international flights departing from your favorite airports.” … Read More

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Two Years in NYC

My second year in New York City

Just as promised, I knew you’d see My second year in NYC So what crazy stories, can I add to ONE? And what adventures are still to come? Most importantly, you should know I met a girl, in last year’s … Read More

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The top 7 tips for getting through jet lag quickly

The top 7 tips for getting through jet lag quickly

I just finished the four long flights (4 x 13 hours) that it takes to get to Australia and back, and after landing back in New York, I thought it might be handy if I gave my top tips for getting … Read More

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The 6 most important apps for your life in New York City

The 6 most important apps for your life in New York City

Of all the things to worry about when moving to America, making sure you have the right apps on your iPhone or Android for when you arrive in New York doesn’t seem that important but turns out it’s possibly the best … Read More

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How to get your Certified LCA when DOL's iCert Portal is temporarily down

How to get your Certified LCA when DOL’s iCert Portal is temporarily down

If you’ve got a visa interview coming up, you’ll know that a signed “Certified” Labor Condition Agreement (LCA) is a crucial requirement. With the Department of Labor’s (DOL) iCert Portal currently down, how can you get access to your certified … Read More

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Getting an Australian home loan when living overseas

Getting an Australian home loan when living overseas

I always like recommending services from the good people that I meet and this one is no exception. Jeremy from finance likes to help Aussies abroad with their home loans in Australia, and there are lots of things to consider so … Read More

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3 Movies per Week for $20 in 2019

3 Movies per Week for $20 in 2019

I’ve written a lot about MoviePass, but with that company slowly sinking, it’s time to recommend a realistic alternative! My friend Edward is here to help you with something for all you movie-loving buffs! AMC Stubs A-List is raising its … Read More

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The Joshies 2018

The Joshies 2018: Best of New York

With the year coming to an end, I thought it might be time to start my “Best of the Year” review. I’ve got some broad categories that you might be used to like Best Restaurant 2018 and Best Bar 2018, … Read More

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Holiday Drinks with New Friends 2018

Holiday Drinks with New Friends 2018 – A Great Success

What’s better than meeting with a bunch of new friends, having a Holiday Drink, and talking about absolutely anything and everything as if you’ve been friends for years? NOTHING! That’s what! Thank you so much to everyone who came out! … Read More

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Welcome to America Josh

Hello! I’m Josh Pugh and I arrived in New York on January 12, 2017, from Adelaide, South Australia (read more about me if you’d like) with a suitcase and not much more.

While I found lots of resources across the internet to help with my move, I couldn’t find a reliable central point with information about the basics; so I thought I’d fix that.

This site is a compilation of answers to frequently asked questions I’ve found on forums, Facebook pages and from my own experience. The content is always changing and evolving as I learn more and as helpful people submit updates. To help you, all pages include “Last updated” dates right at the bottom.

If you think something isn't quite right, have a hot tip, or want to share a coffee (beer) please do email me at - I love a chat. There are also forms at the bottom of every page that will let you send feedback.

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