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Events to attend in America 2023

There are events happening EVERYWHERE. The best part of moving to a bigger country and to a bigger city is that even if your niche is especially niche-y, you’re going to find 1,000+ people who LOVE what you love and that’s the beginning of a great community.

You’ll find here a range of upcoming events from America Josh but also community groups all over the United States. If you have an upcoming event, you can click here to submit information about it and share it with the community.

Upcoming Community Events



Dinner with New Friends

In 2022 I will continue running Dinner with New Friends which is a chance for you to meet other people in the city if you’ve just arrived, have been living here some time, or even if you’ve been here your whole life!

It’s dinner and drinks with 10 people (including me) and a chance to enjoy the company of strangers and make some new friends.

It’s free to register so join Dinner with New Friends now!