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Did you know that in New York, you can find someone to help you with just about anything?


After months of looking, I’ve finally come across an incredible cleaner who I can recommend!

Kade from RoomTurn is a legend and deserves your call. I came home this week to a house that looked and smelled great and couldn’t be happier (after using some less than excellent service from some much more expensive services and apps). He’s great value and also very efficient!

Let him know that America Josh sent you and after you have, let me know what you think by emailing!

For 25% off your first clean when you become a member, be sure to use the code AMERICAJOSH25.

If you would prefer a once off clean, for 10% off, use the code AMERICAJOSH10.


If your apartment doesn’t have in-building laundry (which is more often than you’d expect), you will need to find a laundromat. Generally, you pay a few quarters per wash, and a few quarters per dry. Most laundromats don’t like you using their dryers if you’re not using their washers, but that’s for you to find out yourself.

The alternative is “Wash & Fold”. It’s amazing. You will pay anything around $1/pound of clothes and they will return it that or the next day, washed and folded. Remember that they may not take QUITE so much care of your clothes so mention any delicates you have and avoid anything that can’t be dried in a dryer. Generally, they will offer services for things you want to be washed separately or using particular methods.

To achieve these, you need a bag to deliver your clothes in. Most laundry places sell washing bags, so just pop in before your first time for something between $5 and $10. Shirts can be cleaned and pressed for around $2/shirt, and you also have a dry cleaning option as well which is more expensive than wash and fold.

Shirts can be cleaned and pressed for around $2/shirt, and you also have a dry cleaning option as well which is more expensive than wash and fold for those items that require it.

If you’re in or around the East Village, I can highly recommend Michelle Cleaners Inc!

Printing & Office

Need printing or supplies? Staples is your go-to (equivalent to Office Works in Australia).

Duane Read Pharmacy (chemist) can also help you out.

Best TV Providers

If you’re looking for a TV-provider, look no further than!

Everything Delivery

Everything can be delivered from bedding to groceries.

Check out our handy list of apps.

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