Getting a Green Card in the US 2022

For professional assistance, I recommend Doug Lightman from Lightman Immigration or Tara Gray from Tara Gray Law.

Most importantly, as I get asked this a lot, can you convert from an E3 visa to a green card? Doug Lightman has all the answers!

I will fully admit, I’m REALLY straying out of my area of expertise with this one, but I have had a few people ask me to compile a list of FAQ’s.

I’ve also published a great first-person example of going through the whole Green Card process successfully by friend of America Josh and Australian Exapt, Nicole!

Frequently Asked Questions

Has anyone gone home to work for a while, while maintaining their green card here? any idea of the tax laws involved?

My lawyer warned me to come back every six months to prevent any issues being flagged (even though you can theoretically be out for a year) unless you apply for and are granted the 2 year travel exemption