Yep. It’s weird and new, and you’re going to hate it for a while but you’ll get used to it, I promise. You have to tip. No questions.

Tipping Guide USA
This guide for tipping from waitbutwhy.com is FANTASTIC.

Long story short: 18% at the end of the meal of your pre-tax price is fair. If you order a beer or glass of wine, it’s $1 per drink. If you order a mixed drink/cocktail, you pay $2-3+ per drink depending on how long it took.

A good little trick to work out what you owe is to double the tax on your bill. In most states (I think) that should get you pretty close (thanks Narrelle W.).

The thing to remember is don’t be an asshole. Wait staff here work for very little cash, so if you’re nasty, that’s really not reflecting well on you (or your countrymen). The tips make up most of that person’s wage, hence why there’s no option.

There’s a (really cool) free app for iOS named “Workflow” and with this, I have created a little app that will help you automatically work out your tip (like in this picture). Just click here to get the app and the Calculate Tip Workflow.

Tipping your doorman

In addition to being a great tenant and not putting holes in the walls, did you know that you’re supposed to tip the doorman of your building (and your super, and anyone else involved) every year?

Here’s my guide on how much to tip the people in your building!