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Shipping your belongings and pets to and from America 2024

Whether you're moving to or from America, you're probably going to want to move your pets and personal belongings with you. It's not an easy process and can get quite expensive, but there are options.

The first thing I need you to think about is:

Ask yourself if you REALLY need to take these things with you to and from the US. Shipping is incredibly expensive and can be a time consuming process.

Where you can, avoid it at all costs.

I know the things that you've built up on your life are important to you and I'm not suggesting that you should just throw them all away, but if you can, think about where you might be able to store your absolute essentials and then assess what's actually worth moving.

Shipping items to the US

Shipping items away from the US

Moving your pet(s) to or from the United States

Shipping a pet is a stressful time for you (and your pet). Some companies that have been used and recommended before include:

  • PetFlyers (personal recommendation from me)
  • Jet Pets
  • Dogtainers
  • IPATA – The official governing body for international pet transportation is a great resource!