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Useful Apps when you move to America 2023

Obviously, your phone is an incredibly handy tool, and once you have a cell plan (remember, you have a “cell phone” now, not a “mobile”), you can go ahead and start using some of these very handy apps. Most are available on both Android and iOS and they will make everything in your life a little bit easier. There are options for everything but here's what I've collected so far.

For iOS users: You will first need to change your phone to be in a US region (which requires US banking details – click here for help), however, it's quite easy.


What's going on with banking? And why do people keep asking to “Venmo” you?

  • Venmo – This is basically how everyone sends each other money whether it be for a drink, meal or a nice hat.
  • Square Cash (the “Cash App”) – A new-comer to the market which does basically the same as Venmo but makes it slightly easier to transfer money.
  • Your banking app


Talking with everyone of your new friends, and keeping in touch with your friends from home is especially important.

  • Skype – Cheap calls back to foreign countries with great quality (and you can call landlines and mobiles)
  • WhatsApp – Communicate with the world in one app!
  • Signal – The secure non-Facebook owned version of WhatsApp for those of you who demand a little more privacy.


  • Amazon – Do me a favor and say thank you for this website, please use this link to and select “Variety – the Children's Charity of New York” – I'm the President of the Charity and we help kids in need! Here's more.


  • Obi – Can't be bothered with public transport and want a car? This will compare Uber, Lyft, other ride shares, and a cab's prices for you!
  • CityMapper – Probably the most comprehensive getting around app for NYC
  • Transit – Probably the most accurate and up-to-date listing of public transport information
  • Pigeon – For up-to-date real information from commuters about where trains are (made by the folks at Google) – SubwayTimeNYC is also commonly pointed to!
  • CitiBikes – CitiBikes are everywhere in NYC and are a simple way of getting around. More here!
  • Uber – Uber…
  • Lyft – Younger sister of Uber but the big up and comer, probably #2.
  • Revel – A new breed of blue Teslas popping up all over the country
  • Via – Ride sharing with regular ride deals
  • CurbΒ –Β If you want to catch a yellow cab this will help you out (and you can even use it to pay once you're in a cab).


  • Spare Room – The name tells most of the story
  • Naked Apartments – The name of this one, not so much
  • StreetEasy – A great app for all things rentals with a focus on empty apartments.

Dining, Food & Drink

  • Infatuation – A great and simple app for finding somewhere to eat that's going to be great
  • Seamless/GrubHub – Great food delivery service
  • UberEats – Similar to Seamless ($15 off first order with eats-joshp367ue)
  • PostMates – Similar to UberEats ($100 off with link)
  • – Similar to PostMates ($7 off with the link)
  • Drizly – Drink delivery to your door ($5 off with code KFIZW)
  • Open Table & Resy – The leaders for booking dine-in dinners
  • Eat24 – Another food delivery app similar to
  • Caviar – For a slightly fancier delivered meal

Sports & Shows

  • SeatGeek – One of the major new players in seats
  • StubHub – Good cheap tickets from other people
  • TodayTix – For Broadway shows
  • TKTS – Last minute Broadway shows
  • Tunity – At a bar, can't hear the TV? This will play the audio from any TV on your phone!


  • Dark Sky – My pick of the bunch at the moment for accurate reporting of the weather (sorry Weather App)


Just be careful with these though, especially throughout COVID as booking through a third-party has been known to lead to lots of issues.

  • Hopper – Monitors flight prices and helps for when to buy

Security & Privacy

  • TrueCaller – You are going to receive a LOT of spam calls, this app will help you slow that down
  • Do Not Call Register – Federal Trade Commission's (Government) spam filter

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