Since moving to NYC and starting this website to try and help Aussies (and other expats) new to NYC, I’ve met some really awesome people one-on-one.

Some of the people I’ve met have had specific questions they needed help with, but many were simply eager to chat, make a new friend, and have something to do in a big new city where they don’t have (m)any friends.

So, I want to help more with that by starting “Dinner with New Friends”.

Once a week, 10 people who aren’t yet friends having dinner (and drinks if you’d like) at an affordable restaurant around NYC on a Tuesday or Wednesday at 7pm (with me there too).

There’s really nothing more to it! This isn’t a multi-level-marketing scheme where I try to sell you my magic berries at the end of dinner. I just love the idea of more people getting to know more people.

Read about past Dinners here!

If you’re interested (in the first one, or any in the future), fill in your details below or at and I’ll see you at Dinner with New Friends soon!

It’s free to come along, you’ll just pay for what you eat and drink (I’ll arrange how to split the check).

Dinner Feedback

“I went to the first Dinner with New Friends and had a blast despite being a little apprehensive to begin with. A real mix of ages, genders, nationalities and interests. My phone notes were brimming with things to check out and new friends come 9pm.” – Simon F.

“Josh is the most genuinely warm and friendly Aussie in NYC! Buy this guy a beer (or check out his website) and he will save you so much time and hassle when settling into the city.” – Karina H.

“Lots of fun, delicious food, super well organized and a great way to make new friends in the city!” – Kate A.

“I’m not alone … thinking that I was the only one who has trouble pronouncing Stuyvesant.” – Brent H.

“What a fun night with great people!” – Juliana P.

“What a great idea! Thanks for organising dinner Josh. It was lots of fun..and I can’t wait for the next one.” – Yvonne J.

“I haven’t hung out with too many aussies since I’ve been in NY so I was pretty excited to meet people with the same funny accent and the same chill vibe I miss about home. Dinner was great, Josh is great and the people were pretty damn fab. 10 our of 10 would do it again. Thanks Josh!” – Chrissie T.