Gaining a credit score and building a credit history in the United States is one of the most important first steps in moving here, but is also one of the most difficult. Your first credit card can be difficult to get, but with Jasper, this can be overcome with a credit card that doesn’t require a credit check1 or score.

Expats relocated to the United States for work are simply unable to attain a decent credit card. So we decided to change things by providing premium credit cards to those who are well deserving of credit but are denied because they lack a credit score in the States.

So after a fellow awesome expat, Nelson, mentioned that he had signed up successfully:

Just wanted to share something for you to add to the website.  This really helped me get a credit card in America very quickly.  From the day I applied, I was approved within 24 hours and my credit card will be mailed in 5 business days.

I thought I’d get in touch and see what the process was like!

What is Jasper?

Jasper offers a free2 (no monthly or yearly cost, but there are charges associated with not paying off your debts as per usual) credit cards to those who have moved to the US primarily based on their reported income.

The process is entirely online and is really quite simple. You are posted a credit card within a couple weeks (for me it was only a few days) which is then activated (and completely managed) by an app on your phone.

I was approved instantly for a $5,000 credit limit based on:

  1. A letter I sent in from my employer;
  2. A copy of my passport; and
  3. Another identifying document3.

The card is a Mastercard so is usable everywhere I’ve tried and for everything that I’ve tried to do, it’s worked well!

I’ll keep you posted in the coming weeks and months with how it goes but as a general rule, every form of credit you can get your hands on (and use responsibly) is well worth your time!

Jasper reported to the credit bureaus within a few weeks which has moved my scores now into the 730+ range, making it much easier to get phone plans and more! Everyone’s credit journey and score are unique, so your experience may vary, the important thing though is getting started.

To get your first (or second, or third) credit card, just click here and sign up!

Also an update for February 2021:

Rewards: Get up to 6% cashback by referring friends! Start with 1% and get an extra 0.5% for a full year for every friend you bring on board. Terms apply.

Receive cash back automatically every month as a statement credit after three on time payments.

One thing to note is the Fee Schedule ( and fees related to your card if you don’t pay it off in time.

The Purchase APR of this card (the interest rate charged on the remaining balance for any purchases made with the card if the total balance of a credit card is not paid in full each month) is (at the time of writing) APR 24.99%.

“Low/Good” interest rates are around 10% so this one isn’t as bad as others (especially seeing as they’re giving you this card without knowing anything about you), but it’s good to know and keep an eye on!

Cash advance (taking cash out of your credit card through an ATM) is NEVER WORTH IT. DON’T DO IT. A general rule of thumb: Use your credit card like a debit card. Don’t buy things you’ll “be able to afford with your next pay”. This will get you in a real pickle.

A few really important things to note when signing up for credit:

  1. ALWAYS be aware of the Consumer/User/Cardholder Agreement you are entering into (;
  2. ALWAYS be aware of the Fee Schedule of the card you’re signing up for (;
  3. Do not miss payments on your credit card. It will cost you money and credit points.
  4. Do not use credit as a way to get out of debt, and be careful. They are amazing tools if you use them wisely, but I don’t want to see anyone getting into trouble!
  5. Your personal circumstances may be different, so read the terms, know your position, and act responsibly.

I want to note: I am not being paid to write this article however do receive referral bonuses as part of an affiliate program.

1 If applicant has been living in the US for more than one year at time of application, SSN must be provided and application review will include a credit check.

2 Review the Jasper cardholder agreement ( and fee schedule.

3 SSN is required within 60 days of card activation. Card can only be activated from within the US. Applicants who have been living in the US for one year or more must provide SSN at time of application and undergo a credit check.

**Terms apply:

*Review the Jasper fee schedule at