Moving from one country to the United States comes with hurdles but it also comes with celebrations that you may not understand! So what is Labor Day and how is it meant to be celebrated?

From my Understanding Holidays in the United States of America article, here’s the quick snapshot summary about what exactly Labor day is:

Labor Day / September 2, 2019 (First Monday of September) / Monday

Who: Generally everyone gets this holiday.

What: Labor Day in the United States of America is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country.

How: Many people travel for Labor Day and find themselves in a warm place before the cold seasons hit. Long weekends away or a quiet week in the city is typical. It gets a little hectic on the streets and in major transport hubs because of all this movement but it’s a good opportunity to take a moment.

So to extract a little more information about Labor Day I thought I could suggest some ideas for what you could do to take full advantage of the slightly cooler weather than the height of summer.

Go on a weekend trip

You could go on a little long weekend trip for Labor Day.

For example, my girlfriend and I are headed to Niagra to check out the falls and to drink some ice wine from the wineries around Niagra on the Lake! Stay tuned for lots of photos of us being drenched by waterfalls and drinking lots of wine.

Other options are the Catskills, or upstate to Mount Beacon and beyond. Let me know below if you’ve got any good recommendations below in the comments!

The train will generally take you where you need to go, and can all be booked using the appropriate apps! If you need to book a car, be sure to look into ZipCar and Turo!

Stay in the city

If you don’t want to head out of the city, I can really recommend staying exactly where you are.

It sounds strange, but during these long weekends where a lot of people leave, the city takes on a whole new life. It’s quieter, it’s more navigable, and it feels like you’re in a quieter town compared to the bananas of New York City in the crazy seasons.

Embrace it! It’s the other side of New York that you rarely get to see and enjoy.

If you’re staying in the city, maybe you could take some foster puppies for a walk?

You have to stop wearing white

This is something I kept hearing, mostly as a joke but if you’ve heard “You can’t wear white after Labor Day” and wondered what on earth this was about, here’s your answer:

First, think about the wearing white thing practically and historically. Before it was socially acceptable to wear a tank top and shorts even in a corporate office, folks wore formal clothing pretty much all the time — and a whole lot of formal clothing. In the summer, wearing white was more practical since you had all those layers and frills on. Plus, if you were in a city (likely New York) and writing the magazines read all throughout America, wearing white in fall and risking mud and rain ruining your pure, pale ensemble was not a practical bet. Hence, you stopped wearing white once the warm weather left.

This is just one theory, though, and some see it as too reasonable an explanation.

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Do you get some time off? Do you have plans? Leave a comment below with are you’re up to!