Do you miss meat pies like I do (or DID)? Well I was lucky enough to be invited to the basketball by Australian Packaged Imports (USA API) this week for Australian Heritage Night, 2018 just so I could tell you all about it!

Not only did that mean I got to see the 76’ers demolish the Bulls, in Philadelphia covered in Australian Flags, it also meant a DELICIOUS presentation of Australian Meat Pies. Watching the locals engaging with their first meat pie was something I will truly treasure forever:

What is it? A pie? What do we do with it? Why is there ketchup there?

If you have a craving for meat pies, then be sure to check out API’s website and check out when they might be dropping near you!

It’s the perfect Superbowl food, late night snack, and cultural high five tool!

Get out there, high five someone, eat a pie!

Thanks to API and Aussies International for having me!