All of the following relies heavily on one thing: Good communication with your new owner/landlord. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, the more you ask and ensure everything is moving smoothly, the better tenant you appear to be (in most cases, obviously)!

Ok so you’ve picked the location you’d like to live in and you’ve decided whether or not to hire a broker. You understand the tips and tricks to look for when looking at an apartment and avoided the traps, and all that has led to the place that you really like the look of, awesome! You registered your interest in the place and put in an offer, which has now been accepted and you’ve signed a contract! So now it’s time to start planning the actual move and putting some things in place that you can set up early.


Here’s another one just like brokers. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re really not, but sometimes they’re really necessary. You want to get your plans in early because the closer you get to the date, the more expensive it gets (and from what I found, they also book out)!

For my move, I did use a mover for one of the stages because I had bought some furniture from someone else and they required professional movers in their building (it’s a good thing to check for). If the building does require it, you will want to check with the mover that you get that they can provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for the move. This will normally include general liability and also property liability to cover anything that is damaged or broken.

Set your date, know when you will have access to the building (communication above), and know what will need to be moved (does it need to be disassembled, is it fragile, do you have boxes, does it need special packing).

One service that I was referred to by my broker was Unpakt. This is a company that will let you fill in everything you need about your move and shows you a list of guaranteed prices. Moving isn’t cheap in NYC but I got a better deal through these guys than I could find anywhere else! Find out more here: Unpakt (referral for me and $20 for you). I ended up with Fidelity Moving, who were great!

Schedule Mail Forwarding with USPS

I realize that this one is jumping the gun a little bit but when you notify USPS to redirect your mail, you can schedule a date in the future for that to start, and they send you a big range of coupons to save money with other things involved with your move.

It can all be done online at – it’s free to forward your mail!


Here’s the really important take-home for this part.

Renters insurance is VERY important and not just for the reasons you think. Renters insurance doesn’t only cover your apartment and contents in case something goes wrong (fire, flood etc.) but it also covers your “personal liability”. This means if you’re walking down the street and you kick up a rock and it hits someone in the face, you’re covered (up to an amount, and subject to all their terms of course). This is outside of your rental location, and as a general (important) rule does NOT COVER DRIVING AT ALL.

Renters insurance, get it, right now if you don’t have any. If you do accidentally hurt someone in New York or anywhere really in the US, you’re going to be in a lot of hot water without it (and you’re not going to be able to afford it).

I signed up for Lemonade, which looks something like this. It’s costing me $9 a month for a $250 excess and coverage although:

Hovercraft Liability
Well this is a damn shame…

Next time, we’re going to be looking at where to start shopping and more legal notifications when you do actually move!