Copenhagen, Denmark


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 E-3 Renewal
2 Days
Most importantly, the Copenhagen embassy is open to non-residents (we already live in the US). The staff did have to find the E-3 guidelines processing as he hadn't done one previously, but otherwise no issues at all. Make sure you get to the appointment early so that you are the front of the queue once inside as they only had 1 window processing inside. I think they only have non-resident visa appointments on Wednesdays. Booked the appointment 13 December 2023, appointment Wednesday 3 January 2024 at 1:15pm. They told me the visa was approved at the appointment. Checked online Friday 5 Jan at 3:30pm and saw my passport with visa was ready for pickup. Picked up at Friday at 4:30pm (2 days after the interview). They did send the email notifying me that the passport was ready at 6:03pm, after the office was already closed and after I had already picked up my passport. If I had of waited for the actual email I would have had to have waited until Monday morning when the pickup location re-opened.
- Daniel (about 5 months ago)


 E-3 New
7+ Days
All in all, an easy experience. I booked appt a couple of weeks out and looks like they only do appts on Wednesdays so you definitely need to factor a weekend into your travel plans. Go to Stockholm and make the most of the Nordics - you don’t need a passport to travel between the two countries! Appt at 1pm Wednesday (10 April), approved on the spot. He basically just chatted to me about NYC because he used to live there. The staff were incredibly friendly and cracked jokes etc. plus there was nobody else there for a visa appt. Status updated 11am Tuesday (16 April) to β€œIssued”. Collection email received 7pm Tuesday (16 April). Passport collected 17 April, flew out 18 April. Note: I flew SAS Airlines. The change fees were exorbitant and terrible customer service. Don’t recommend at all!
- Nina (about 2 months ago)