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 E-3 New
2 Days
Interviewer didnโ€™t ask for supporting documents, whole actual interview process was quick, but the lines were already quite long at 8am. My lawyer gave me a stack of useless documents and I got laughed at by security, only LCA and passport is needed for my case.
- Anonymous (about 2 years ago)


 E-3 New
5 Days
The line to get into the building was long and the staff were not friendly- even towards elders and children. Although you are told you don't need bring a physical photo if you uploaded an eligible one online, they still required one to get into the building. Once inside the building, my passport was processed and I sat/waited for 20 minutes before being allowed to go to the interview. The interview itself was quick. I was only asked one question, which was my occupation. On the upside, the time it took to book the appointment and the time it took my passport to be returned was really quick and efficient. I went to a local collecting location to collect my passport. At the time, there was no delivery option.
- Naomi (about 3 years ago)