Lima, Peru


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 E-3 New
4 Days
Stayed across from the embassy at a guest house the day before the interview. People start lining up well before the appointment times outside the embassy. The line was quite long but moved relatively quickly. I don't think they had processed many E3s before because they did mine as the last visa for the day so I waited longer than most. Total time in line until leaving was about 2 hours. The embassy staff didn't ask too many questions and were fairly friendly. They asked when I was flying out, and when I told them it was the following week, they said they'd process my visa express, and that I had to come back to the embassy to pick up my passport in 4 days (this included a weekend). They seemed quite happy to do it, but said if I didn't get express processing, it would take three weeks and be delivered by courier, so don't pay the express courier fee online. I had to leave everything, including my hotel key outside at a small table for a fee and picked it up when I was done. This service doesn't appear to be run by the embassy. Don't bring valuables. Until getting inside, very few people spoke English. I don't speak Spanish and was OK, but you can't bring your phone to use Google Translate. If you've made it to Peru, you'll work it out.
- Ben (about 2 years ago)


 E-3 Renewal
7+ Days
The appointment was on a Monday at 9:30 am. Our passport pictures did not meet the requirements. Fortunately, they do have a photographer inside the US Embassy but since we were 3 people and not the only ones in line, this took around 30 minutes. Then there was some additional delay as we were called a couple of times to provide additional documentation or information. It seems that they are not very familiar with the E-3/E-3Ds visas. At the end, the officer asked if we had return tickets to the US and kindly offered to have the passports and visas ready for Friday of the same week at the Embassy. I explained we were doing some traveling in Peru and planned to be back in Lima the next Monday so she gave us the green paper for pick up on Monday between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm.
- Karla (about 8 months ago)