Best Bars in New York City

Every week I write a list of the best bars, restaurants and things-to-do in New York City. Here’s the place where you can find all the bars in one page!

If you’ve got a recommendation for me to try, please do let me know at [email protected]

      Lois (Manhattan, Alphabet City/East Village)

      Lois Bar Alphabet City
      Lois Bar Alphabet City, taken from their Facebook page

      It’s funky, it’s cool, it’s cute. You could take a date here or take a group of friends when you’re feeling extra wine-y on a cold day!

      The Lost Lady (East Village/Alphabet City)

      The Lost Lady
      The Lost Lady – stolen from their Facebook page

      This is is just me being lazy because it’s about 5 doors away from my home, but it’s a fantastic bar for a quiet drink with friends, or even a date (assuming they enjoy tacos).

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