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Australians in New York City 2024

G'day! So you may notice that throughout this website, I've got particular content framed for Australians because, as you may have guessed, I'm Australian! If you're an Australian and you're thinking about moving to the United States, or maybe you already live in America, this is the site for you!

While I could have called America Josh, “Australia Josh”, I thought it would be better to highlight the destination as opposed to where I've come from, because our community is broad and

What we do for Australians in the US

First and foremost we provide comprehensive information about the E3 Visa. If you don't already know, the E3 visa is one which is only available to Australians wanting to move to the US to live and work. It's a special visa that we exclusively have access to and gives you an incredible opportunity.

We also provide information for settling in the US, and setting up your life with resources all across the top menu of this page. This includes things like recommendations for tax, money transfers, banking, housing, rentals, and so much more.

Most importantly though, you've got me! If you have any questions, please do use the contact form, or send me an email to [email protected] as I love to hear from you.

Events for Australians in America

We also host a range of events for Australians and also work with other Australian community groups, Government organizations, and businesses: You can find all or events in a list spanning the entire country, here.

What you should do next

Be sure to join our community, as it's free and offers you advantages like better rates on international transfers, moving discounts and so much more.

To join, just click here or fill in the popup screen.