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How to move to America
The Definitive Expat Guide

Tips, tricks, and guides to help you with your move. Everything from banking to sandwiches.

Best way to transfer money internationally 2021 - Which tool is best? Wise vs. OFX vs. vs. PayPal vs. Banks

Transferring Money (FX)

What's the best way to transfer money? I've compared OFX, Wise & all the rest!

Want to build good credit? Start with these five simple tips

Credit Cards without Credit

How to get an American credit card with no credit history.

Health insurance if you're new or if you have lost your job as an expat

Expat Health Insurance

If you're new or if you've lost your job as an expat, this is what you need.

E3 Visa - Australians Moving to America in 2022

E3 Visa USA

A specialty visa for Australians that allows you to work and live in America.

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E3 Visa - Australians Moving to America in 2022

Before You Arrive

All the information you need before a move to America. How to pack up your life and prepare in advance.

The 5 pains everyone goes through when moving to the U.S.

Setting Up

You’ve landed and it’s now time get yourself setup. This is your guide for the first month.

Understanding Holidays in the United States of America

Living Here

You know the essentials, and now you want to know the extra bits to make the stay even better.

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