Drink Like a Local in NYC

Drink like a local in NYC with these great bars

From Aussie Mums in New York: New Yorkers are a social bunch and there are plenty of great bars to satisfy everyone including wine bars, sports bars, dive bars, cocktail bars and the very unique ‘SpeakEasy’ bar. As locals or … Read More

All about schools in NYC

Everything you need to know about schools in New York City

Ok, this can be very overwhelming, let me help you… Before we start: American school grades and language versus Aussie schools Elementary school: Kindergarten – 5th grade (5yrs -10yrs) Middle school:  6th-8th grade (11-13yrs) High school: 9th – 12th grade (14-18yrs) Early Childhood /Preschool Options (Newborn  … Read More