The Great British Baking Show (or “Great British Baking Show”) is back in 2019 for Season 10 and it’s now playing week-by-week on Netflix! That means… Viewing Party! 

If you haven’t watched the Great British Baking Show yet then that’s FANTASTIC! Why? Because you have 9 seasons of it to watch on Netflix right now. You will binge, you will laugh, you will cry, and most of all, you will wonder how the delightful accents haven’t made their ways into your tv until now.

What is the Great British Baking Show?

For those who haven’t watched at all…

The Great British Bake Off (also called Bake Off or GBBO) is a British television baking competition, in which a group of amateur bakers compete against each other in a series of rounds, attempting to impress a group of judges with their baking skills, with a contestant being eliminated in each round, with the winner being selected from the contestants who reach the finals.

Sounds normal? It is! But it’s so good because there’s less forced drama and more… baking!

Fast forward 6 seasons…

Now that you’re caught up on the last 6 seasons you will have seen something exciting…

The Great British Baking Show 2019 (in New York)The crew is back together for the seventh season and this time they’re releasing them onto Netflix week-by-week to hopefully recreate the magic that was the early seasons of Game of Thrones.

What does that mean?

It means there’ll be drama…

Iain's Baked Alaska

There’ll be laughs…

I listen to my cakes

And most of all, there’ll be friends to watch it with!

So here’s what I’m thinking…

Great British Baking Show in New York

I’d love to watch the final with some new friends, where we can share baked goods and laugh (and possibly cry) at the finale. How does that sound?

You don’t have to commit just yet, because clearly I don’t have any firm details (Netflix hasn’t announced the date) but if this sounds a bit exciting to you, then I’d love for you to fill your details in below and I’ll get started on putting something together!

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Until then, keep up the baking and be sure to comment below!