Not everyone in the New York Marathon has a cheer squad, and I want to fix that. While I’m not someone who wants to run a marathon (ever, ever), I am super impressed by anyone who can commit to it and run the 4,000 miles that are involved, and I believe they should be supported! Here’s a list of people who want you to cheer them loud and proud on Sunday 3rd November 2019!

Actually, before we get to the list, here’s a guide to the marathon in general because there’s lots you should know about it. It will take over the city for a day and it will make commuting and getting around all the boroughs a bit of a nightmare.

You can embrace the nightmare though by being someone on the side of a road screaming a name!

Runners to track in the NYC Marathon 2019

These are the runners that have reached out and want you to cheer their name EXTRA LOUDLY!

Download the official app, and then put their bib numbers in. On the day, you’ll see where they are and can anticipate them coming along! They. Will. Love it!

  • Bib #1054 – Ken (Target time: 2:35)
  • Bib #1148 – Paddy (Target time: 2 hours 44)
  • Bib #2030 – Andrew (Target time: 2:59)
  • Bib #7102 – Rob (Target time: 3.10)
  • Bib #22207 – Steve (Target time: 3:15)
  • Bib #9233 – Pete (Target time: 3:45)
  • Bib #57582 – Kelly (Target time: 4:00)
  • Bib #38799 – Phil (Target time: 4.15)
  • Bib #46359 – Madds (Target time: 4.5hrs)
  • Bib #42363 – Samm (Target time: 4.5hrs)
  • Bib #57621 – Steph (Target time: 4.5hrs)
  • Bib #57618 – Sam (Target time: 4.5hrs)
  • Bib #44882 – Karina (Target time: 5 hours)
  • Bib #50727 – Jihan (Target time: 5 hours)
  • Bib #71510 – Diane (Target time: 6 hours)
  • Bib #17029 – Taneshia (Running with the Indigenous Marathon Project, please cheer for her! Her first marathon!)
  • Bib #55096 – Lucas
  • Bib #9056 – Jordan

Would you like to be on this list? Fill in this form!

Top 5 tips to spectating the New York Marathon 2019

  1. Don’t get in any runner’s way – Don’t be that person that runs out in front of everyone trying to get a photo. Or the person that is annoyed that there’s a 26-mile race blocking their way and decides they can scurry through the runners. Use the designated places to get across and avoid the pain points in Midtown.
  2. Cheer, loudly – While I’ve never done one, everyone I’ve ever spoken to has told me that hearing your name yelled when you think your world is collapsing around you in a mix of sweat and sadness, is the best thing ever.
  3. Use names – Most runners will put their name on their front (and back) in tape or in big block letters written out in Sharpie. Use their names, single out someone who might need a bit of a boost and yell encouraging things.
  4. Only be positive – You’re not doing it, so you don’t have any right to be negative. Yell support, cheer when they pick up speed, even if only for a moment. Give them some inspiring words.
  5. Plan accordingly – Getting around the city is more difficult than ever so if you plan to watch someone at a particular spot. Be sure to plan ahead and leave extra time to get where you’re going.