In late 2020, after a year of isolation and lockdown, I started Coffee & Cake with America Josh at All the King’s Horses Café – ATKH in the East Village, New York City. Friday morning coffee for anyone and everyone who wants to join with a very simple concept.

Since then I’ve had 39 coffees with over 300 different people and this week, it’s #40!

What is coffee and cake with America Josh?

The concept is simple: Have a delicious coffee and a cake, support a local (awesome) business, and allow people to connect with each other in the most comfortable setting. For those new to the city, it’s a chance to meet some new friends, for those who have been isolated, it’s a chance to reconnect, and for everyone, it’s a wonderful opportunity to take a moment for yourself on a Friday morning.

So this week, on Friday, I’ll be there for Coffee #40 from 10:30 am for anyone and everyone to join. As an added bonus and to celebrate the awesome fun we’ve had at morning coffees over the last 40 weeks: This week I’ll buy your coffee. Come along, meet Roo 🐶, have a free coffee, and meet some new friends!

We’re better together, we’re stronger as a community, and we have lots more fun with new friends!

Who can come to coffee and cake with America Josh?

Everyone! This event isn’t just for new arrivals to America, and is only made richer by having a diversity of people at every catch-up.

Come along alone or bring a friend, everyone is invited!

When is coffee on Friday morning?

Coffee starts at 10:30 and normally runs through to about 11:30/12. It’s not a formal structure, so it’s best to get there as close to 10:30 as you can.

Where is coffee each Friday?

We have Friday morning coffee at All The King’s Horses, in the East Village.

When is the next event with America Josh?

For more details head to