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Show Review: Gravity & Other Myths – A SIMPLE SPACE

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We headed to the New Victory Theatre to see Gravity & Other Myths, an Australian group (based in Adelaide, woo) perform A SIMPLE SPACE. The long story short: It was not what I expected at all!Β 

So what is it? Well it's written up as:

an EXTREMELY acrobatic 60 min live circus show put on by the Australian company Gravity & Other Myths.

The pictures I was sent looked like this:

So here's how my thoughts went prior to, during, and after the show:

Arriving at the theatre I had in my head: This is going to be a gritty show that will require nuance and a deep knowledge of human movement (that I don't have) to even remotely understand what is going to happen. But I'm still keen to see what happens.

Stepping inside the theatre: Why are there so many children and families here!? There's surely no chance they're going to understand the raw energy!! How is this appropriate!?

Reading the playbill: It would appear that The New Victory Theatre is the “premier nonprofit performing arts theater devoted year-round to kids and their families and classmates”. Oh golly.

Just before the show started: Well, who knows what this is going to be. Why are there people sitting up next to the stage?

Show starts:Β Holy crap. There's like three people on top of each other, throwing stuff. HA!

Show continues: This is great!!Β Everyone else thinks so too, the kids are losing their marbles and parents are screaming when someone gets thrown through the air. Awesome.

Show ends and walking out: “Whoa, that was really cool! We have to tell yourΒ brother to bring his kids!”

So. Not what I expected, but if you have a family and are looking for something a little different to do, you should check it out! Hell, even if you're 31 and you and your partner are looking for something different to do, it's fun!

It runs for another week and a bit until February 24 and tickets start at $22 ($49 if you want to sit on the stage and get involved a bit more).

Head to The New Victory's website for details and to buy your tickets and support this great Australian show (and lovely venue)!

Overall Review

A fast, impressive, and fun afternoon out whether you're a couple or a family with young kids. Can recommend! 4/5 Stars!

Full disclosure: The New Victory Theatre did supply me with two tickets to see the show and said they'd “consider it an honor to host you and a guest & make an appearance on your Insta page or blog”. I've decided to do that, but am allowed to write anything I want, and this is what I thought!

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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