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Top Tips for Enjoying Halloween in the USA in 2024

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It's almost Halloween and if you're in the US then you get to witness the spectacle that is people in crazy costumes wandering the streets into the wee hours. It's a day that's fun for all ages, so make sure you know what you're doing so that you can enjoy it to the full extent.

If this is your first (or even if it's not) here are some top tips to taking part in the fun and making sure you do it properly!

#1 Have fun and be nice!

This is basically always my top tip for everything, but this is a night that's not just for the grown-ups, there's going to be kids everywhere trick-or-treating (especially just around dusk) so be a good influence!

Compliment costumes, give high fives, and pretend that the kids in their costumes are actually the characters they're dressed as, have fun! People LOVE it if you can guess what their costume is, so have a shot and work hard, it's the easiest ice breaker in the book.

#2 Wear a costume

Don't be that guy. If your office takes it seriously, then get into the spirit. If you're going to a party, be sure to put at least a LITTLE effort into dressing up.

It's not about the costume, it's about the effort.

If it's not already obvious, I LOVE dressing up and making costumes. I've spent the last few weeks making mine and I'm very excited to show it off, but until then, here are the last three year's efforts…

America Josh Halloween Costumes 2017 and 2018

If you're having trouble thinking of an idea, even a plain costume that seems a bit boring (like if you just walk into a store and pick something off a rack) is better than nothing.

Spice it up a little with some face paint, or pick one that you can tell a story about to give it extra depth.

It really doesn't matter, that's the best bit.

#3 How “Trick-or-Treat” works

First off, leave the asking for candy to the kids, you're a grown-up now.

If you do want to hand out candy, then you can sit on your stoop or out the front of your apartment or house and you'll no doubt find families wandering the streets in costumes.

Stick to the staples of delicious candy, and don't be the superhero handing out toothbrushes.

If you look around your neighborhood in the days leading up, there may be instructions posted on how to participate if you want your apartment to get involved. Sometimes it's posting a flyer in your doorway, and other times it might say that kids aren't allowed to enter your apartment. If you can't find anything, ask a neighbor! Get friendly! See #1!

I'm pretty sure I've read that handing out full-size candy enters you into history books.

#4 Check out some of the awesome neighborhoods

If you're really into it, you can go for a little wander out of your neighborhood and find those areas that REALLY embrace it.

MommyPoppins has a really good list explaining where you should go from the Upper West Side to Fort Greene and everything in-between and a quick Google of your area will be filled with more information about wherever you are.

#5 Check out the Parade & Events

New York loves a parade and Halloween is QUITE the spectacle.

New York’s 49th Annual Village Halloween Parade WILL take place on
Monday, October 31, 2022 at 7 pm

The 2022 Parade Theme is FREEDOM!
It’s a move! It’s a moment! Feel it!!! Join us in some ecstatic joy! Lift the spirits of the whole world!
The Brooklyn United Marching Band with Special Surprise Guests

TimeOut has a great list of events if you're looking for something different to check out as well!

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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