The turkey was delicious, the sides and stuffing were incredible and the people were the best.

That’s how I’d sum up my first Thanksgiving!

Everyone is in such a good mood, going around and chatting about what you’re thankful for this year is a fantastic way of really putting things into perspective.

Couldn’t be happier with #1, bring on Number 2!

How was yours?

Amazing Thanksgiving Crowd

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America Josh

I had a fantastic life in Adelaide and in Australia but thought in late 2015 that it was time to do something new. I handed over control of my company, sold my house, car, and even gave away my cat (“Aslan”) to start on my journey to New York.

I arrived in New York on January 10, 2017, from Adelaide, South Australia and in March 2017, I started America Josh to help make the transition to the US from wherever you’re from just a little bit easier.

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