The Joy List

The Joy List? What the…

The Joy List is all about making NYC less lonely:

We feature events that you can go to by yourself, and leave with a new friend.
Our mission is to make NYC less lonely.

I mean what a FREAKING COOL MISSION THAT IS! I just love it and thought it might be nice to share something that they’re doing at the moment:

The Joy List is running a giveaway!

Prizes include:

  • A ticket to Camp Wonderful, AKA summer camp for grownups
  • 2 tickets to any House of YES party
  • A month’s supply of GT’s Kombucha
  • 2 tickets to a Sofar Sounds New York show
  • 2 tickets to Spoons, Toons, and Booze (From SecretFormula)

The 3 people with the most entries will win! Check out the leaderboard to see where you stand. (Competition can be friendly, right?  <3).

So… Don’t delay! Join now (entries close 4/2/2018)!

You're going to love these:

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