This was awesomely submitted by my friend, Edward S. What a hero, thanks, Edward!

The 138th edition of the U.S. Open Tennis Championship promises to be an entertaining tournament and a great way to spend a day or two during the final weeks of Summer.

While seats at the Men’s final can cost up to $10,000 each on the secondary ticket market (seriously, check out and filter by best seat!), there is thankfully a much more affordable way to enjoy some quality tennis!

From August 21-24, the US Open Qualifying Tournament takes place – and it’s FREE! From 11 am each day and frequently running well into the evenings, 256 of the world’s best tennis players compete for the final 16 spots and the men’s and women’s draws.

Depending on the match, you can often sit in the front few rows and get absorbed in the action. And as a bonus, top-10 players will likely hold practice sessions throughout each day that you can attend also.

Here’s me (Edward) watching Roger Federer rip a forehand down the line from the 2nd row!

US Open Tennis - Qualifying Tournament Info

Ed’s Top Tennis Tips

  • Take a tote-bag. These are allowed inside the ground, whereas backpacks are not and will need to be checked into a locker at your own cost;
  • In said tote-bag, pack lots of sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and a water bottle (either sealed or empty – it can be refilled);
  • Bring at least one small towel – there is not much shade on the outside courts and the seats get HOT!;
  • Eat something before arriving if possible – there is food available for purchase, but the prices can be steep; and
  • Check the weather forecast before starting your journey out to Flushing Meadows: there will be no play if it’s raining heavily or if there’s a heat wave.

Happy tennis-ing all!

Thanks again, Edward! For all the information, head to the US Open Fan Week website at: