There aren’t too many things I miss from Australia: Family, friends, Mum & Dad’s dog Pippa (pics below because she’s too lovely)… and I really do miss Pizza Shapes.

There’s nothing really more to it, I just wanted you all to know that I’m having a particular craving today.

Their crisp deliciousness, topped with little crumbs of flavor that pool in the bottom of the bag. One time we made chicken schnitzels with it, and it was just as good as you might think.

I understand that some of you will say “BUT CHICKEN CRIMPYS!” or “BARBECUE SHAPES OR DEATH”… But nay. It is but you, Pizza Shape. I miss you.

Please bring Pizza Shapes with you if you have any spare room in your bag and I will buy the beer to go with them.

Do you have any cravings? Comment below!

I miss Pizza ShapesPippa

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