I don’t go to the doctor often, but when I do I’m always shocked how much I have to pay for any medication and how annoying it is to go to the pharmacy. Did you know that you can have it delivered FOR FREE!?

I’ve had a blocked nose and a cough now for 5 weeks, so I’ve either caught the plague on the plane back from Australia or I have a cold that just won’t quit. Great work, cold, you’re a real stayer!

When I went to visit the doctor last week (who was awesome, by the way, thanks to Dr. Jennifer Braun) she ended the session by recommending a round of medicine.

Instead of just handing me a script and saying “Off you go to the pharmacy which will no doubt be closed when you actually get time to go” she instead said, “Have you heard of Capsule?”

My writing this article probably leads you to guess that I responded “Nope?” and she explained it to me!

What is Capsule?

From their website:

The pharmacy that comes to you

We deliver your medication whenever you need it, anywhere in New York City. Capsule is always free, and your copay will not change.

Basically, you can get medicine delivered (regularly, too) to your apartment, for free! Not only that though, but the other thing that my doctor mentioned to me is also that Capsule works to keep the cost down of the medicine you purchased.

How does Capsule keep the cost down?

Now, I can’t find much about this online but my Doctor explained to me that Capsule also takes into account any discounts available, and any vouchers that are available for the medicine you’re buying.

From what I could work out myself, I paid a good rate for the medicine I got, and in some cases, you’ll pay less than the most other places.

How to use Capsule

All you have to do is: When your doctor asks which pharmacy you use, simply say “Capsule” instead of “CVS” or whichever other local pharmacy you visit.

This will then fire off your details to Capsule who will follow up with you through a text or email, and then through their app once you’ve got it.

You can route all existing medication through to Capsule as well, you just need to download the app, signup (for free) and then fill in the details of your prescription!

Head to CapsuleCares.com to find more about this whole thing.

Why am I recommending Capsule?

I want to make sure that you know: Capsule hasn’t reached out to me, and I haven’t received anything for writing this. I just had seen the ads for Capsule all over NYC Cabs and had never thought anything of it. But when my doctor explained it, and it worked, I thought it was cool!

If problems persist, please, see your Doctor.