Did you know that you can save money with your health insurance company just by walking every day and staying healthy? Lots of insurance companies are now offering activity bonuses for those who track their steps!

I chose Oscar Health Insurance because… Well… They advertise on everything that moves and when I started to try and plan my insurance I just kept coming back to them as the cool new option. So far, so good, and I’ve got an article coming out in the coming weeks talking all about health insurance so stay tuned!

One feature that I loved about them was that they will give you $1/day in Amazon Gift Cards if you hit your step goal of 10,000 steps in a day. Sure, they cap it at around $240 but still, that’s $240 that you could be spending on something silly on Amazon (while also donating to charity, for free, did you know?)!

Oscar Health InsuranceIf you’re with Oscar, simply download their official “Oscar” app, and then once you’ve logged in you can push “Sync my steps”. This will take a moment but will drag data from your iPhone or Android devices Health platform and then show a chart and amount of how much money you’ve just saved.

Staying healthy = Money AND a longer life. Golly, winning on all counts!

Many other insurance companies are following suit after recent studies showed that active members of insurance communities accounted for a significantly lower amount of payouts so be sure to read your insurance policy carefully and extract as much value from it as you possibly can. As you’re no doubt aware, insurance is expensive, so you don’t want to miss any opportunities!

If you like your health insurance provider or have a good story for me about insurance, please do let me know!