When you fly internationally or regularly, if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself searching through your emails constantly to find booking details, confirm times, and make sure everything is taken care of. But there’s an easier way!

Update (01/31/20): It’s gone. It’s all gone. Google took my beloved Google Trips away.

Google Trips takes all of your emails from Gmail (or Google Apps) account and it will sort them into coherent lists of details. It will automatically extract all the information you received and have it arranged so you can quickly recall details when checking in or looking for a particular booking.

Not only that, but it will also give you a list of things to do based on Google’s own lists, saved places from your maps, generated day plan options so you can fit everything in, discounts and coupons, food &drink ideas, getting around information, and what you absolutely need to know about the place.

All that, and it’s free!

You can jump over to https://get.google.com/trips/ now to find a link to it, or otherwise search iOS App Store or Android Apps to find it there.

It’s a handy tool that you’ll find yourself referring to constantly, I promise!