New York City’s Restaurant Week (the first one for 2019) is almost upon us, so I thought I’d give you a quick insight on what exactly it is and how to take the best advantage of it! Restaurants, New York, Cheaper than normal, delicious treats and delicacies!

So what is New York’s Restaurant Week?

Running from January 21, 2019 to February 8, 2019, NYC Restaurant Week is a chance to spoil yourself, just a little.

From NYCGo, here’s what it’s all about:

NYC Restaurant Week is the highly anticipated—and often imitated—twice-yearly celebration of dining throughout New York City. With prix-fixe meals at over 380 of the City’s finest restaurants (two-course lunch, $26; three-course dinner, $42), the program invites diners to sample the incredible array of eateries that make up NYC’s culinary culture.

Basically what that means is you get to eat at some of those fancy places you wish you could afford more often, and sample some of the incredible cuisine this city has to offer, for an affordable price.

Top Tips to take advantage of NYC’s Restaurant Week 2019

  1. Book for lunch when you can (there’s more availability);
  2. Book for Sunday nights where you can (not everyone offers Sunday nights but if they do, you’re in for a treat);
  3. The “week” is actually more like 4, so if you can’t get a booking in the first week, be sure to keep an eye on bookings later in the schedule;
  4. There is only one official NYC Restaurant Week Guide, and it’s here, become familiar with it!;
  5. Wine pairings can be included if you feel like an extra treat;
  6. Try something new! This is your chance!

How to book a NYC Restaurant Week restaurant

You have to head to the official guide to get a booking, which will detail exactly what you get, it’s as easy as clicking here.