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The best things to do and see in Hell’s Kitchen every month

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Last week I was lucky enough to meet with Phil (Publisher) and Ruth (Editor) of W42ST Magazine!

So what is W42ST? It's a magazine that shows off all the awesome in the West side's Hell's Kitchen. I'll let them tell you though, from their website:

W42ST takes Manhattan's fastest growing, most exciting, genuinely cool 100 blocks and distills them into an indispensable, highly collectable print and digital magazine. Every month we bring the people, places and happenings into the hearts, homes and minds of the hard-working, cultured, colorful New Yorkers who share our passion for this neighborhood we're proud to call home: Hell's Kitchen.

Not only are the people behind it lovely, but the content is sensational. You'll find everything from launches, to parties, to events, to restaurants, to bars, and everything in between!

To check out their latest issue, click here or on the image of their latest magazine cover below! Get reading!

P.S. I was introduced by a good friend who I met at Dinner with New Friends a month or two ago, Ashley, owner of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club (which is also AWESOME, in Brooklyn, check it out).

Latest Issue W42ST August 2018

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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