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Where to stand when you’re waiting for the New York Subway in 2023

This tip seems completely obvious when you work it out, and if you’ve lived here for long enough you would have heard the notices over and over… But it doesn’t hurt to repeat it again.


Come on people, it’s not that hard. It’s like trying to get a parking spot before the car has left!

Use the diagram above as an indicator, you should not be standing anywhere that people will want to walk through when they get off the train. Wait until the majority of people have gotten off, and then start to weave your way into the carriage. Sure, there are some people who try to make a last-minute decision to get off the train who get caught; that’s their fault (don’t be one of those people either).

Where to stand when you're waiting for the New York Subway

Pro Tip for waiting for trains at subway stations

Here’s the big secret. Due to how the trains operate, the train will stop in the EXACT same spot when the next one arrives, so if you missed this last one, never fear. Align yourself nicely wedged at the edge of where the door will appear (still in the green zone), so that you’re first on to the next train.

Voila. You’re never going to be yelled at on the train again!

Haha, just kidding.

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