Where to buy bread in NYC

When you move countries there are some things that you never thought you’d have to consider, and this particular query is especially strange.

I’m a toast man. I love it with butter, I love it with Vegemite (more butter than Vegemite, I’m not a monster), and I love it for breakfast most days. As many of you know, a key ingredient for toast is bread, and therefore a trip to the supermarket was in order. What you are met with in the bread aisle of a New York City supermarket is something truly confronting. For starters, there appear to be potatoes in everything, and beyond that, it looks like you’d have to have a degree in Breadatology (ha!) to decipher what on Earth is going on.

After trialing a few different “loaves” (do blocks of sugar count as a loaf of bread?) I decided to put the call out.

So here’s the beginning of our list to help you find a loaf of delicious bread if you’re missing the raw freshness (I miss you Baker’s Delight) of Australia.


  1. Milano Bakery (Morningside Heights) – Great for loaves
  2. Absolute Bagels (UWS) – Great for bagels
  3. Kura Kumo stocking Balthazar Bakery Pastries (Morningside Heights)- For delicious pastries


  1. Bread Alone – Peasant Bread – A tasty loaf found at delis/supermarkets (pictured from Corner of 11th St and Ave C)
  2. Pain D’Avignon (LES) – Great for darker loaves. Can be found at Murray’s Cheese (Greenwich Village).
  3. Sullivan St Bakery (Midtown/Hell’s Kitchen) – “Awesome seedy bread” – Erin C
  4. Maison Kayser – Amazing bread
  5. Amy’s Bread (Hell’s Kitchen) – “On par with Bourke St bakery standards” – Alyson C
  6. Union Square Markets – Selection of great bakery stalls (eg. She Wolf Bakery)
  7. Tompkins Square Bagels (East Village) – Delicious but busy
  8. Simit Sarayi (Midtown East) – Great Turkish bread
  9. Breads Bakery (Union Square) – 16th between 5th ave and union square
  10. Green Fingers Market (LES)


  1. Balthazar’s Pain de Siegle (FiDi) – “Best for Vegemite toast” – Jo B. Can be found at most Gourmet Garages.


  1. Meyers Bageri NYC (Williamsburg) – Make a great sourdough
  2. Roberta’s (Bushwick) – Excellent sourdough (“their Sunflower Spelt is my fave and amazing toasted” – Jo B). Can be found at Murray’s Cheese (Greenwich Village).
  3. North 8th Bakery (Williamsburg) – “Seeded rye is delicious” – Erin C
  4. Bien Cuit (Cobble Hill & Grand Central) – Great breads
  5. Bakeri (Williamsburg/Greenpoint)
  6. Mazzola Bakery (Carroll Gardens) – “Great sourdough and lard bread” – Aimee H

Outside of NYC? If you’re in Connecticut you should check out COBS Bakery which is the equivalent of Baker’s Delight!

Where to buy bread in NYC

Have you found a better loaf? I’d love to hear about it so that I can add it to the list! Add a comment below or shoot an email to bread@americajosh.com and I’ll update accordingly.

Thanks to Victoria L, Erin W, Andrea K, Jo B, Erin C, Kylie F, Alyson C, Jessica B, Aimee H, & Sarah B for contributing.

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  1. kat

    We struggled for a long time to find a loaf of non sugar bread for under $5. Then the wholefoods opened near us. Their 365 organic snappy sourdough bread is just under $4 a loaf and has no sugar (it also doesn’t have the intense sourdough flavour that could turn a lot of people off)

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  5. Fiona

    Orwasher’s in the UES and UWS do amazing bread. Their pumpernickel is my go to. Having said that, Wholefoods and Fairway’s both offer a good freshly sliced pumpernickel also.

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