Meeting so many people in the city is great because not only do I make lots of new friends, but I also get the chance to learn from legends who have done it all before. So here’s my latest list of top tips for living and enjoying life in New York.

So now, in no particular order…

1. Take a deep breath

Wow Josh, blowing the doors off with these tips.

But seriously. The city will carry you away. You will have 10 things you’re meant to have done at work by yesterday, 9 people who want to see you, 8 tasks around the home, and 7 partridges in their respective pear trees to handle.

Just be sure to take a step back, sit in a park, and watch a puppy chase a ball (while you eat a bagel).

Not kidding about the breathing thing by the way. I’m not really into things like this normally but learning to take a few big breaths, and pausing for a few minutes can make a HUGE difference to your life. Breathe in, counting to 4 while you do, hold your breath for the count of 7, and then breathe out while counting again to 8. Do that 4 times. It takes literally 1 minute and 16 seconds and you will feel SO much better.

2. Buy some noise-canceling headphones

Even if you can’t afford the super fancy ones, they will change your life.

I’m a shocker for leaving headphones on all day, and I don’t necessarily endorse that, but when you’re commuting to and from work I can’t recommend it enough. Some nice music, a good podcast, or just the noise-canceling without any sound will make everything feel immensely less stressful.

Be gone nasty person yelling obscenities, be gone screeching train tracks. Hello, Ludovico Einaudi (for reals, have a listen). Or if you want a podcast, try laughing at No Such Thing As A Fish.

3. Remind yourself of home, but don’t dwell on it

It’s never good to completely forget where you came from, but it’s also equally not as good to dwell on what you miss.

Sure, this is an impossible ask but just be sure to check yourself if you’re getting lost in either direction completely. Being sad and missing your former life is COMPLETELY NORMAL. Embrace it and be happy about it. You’re allowed to feel, just like Butters!

If you need a meat pie, there are ways to make that happen (it will make you feel like you’ve been transported back home sometimes). But if you’re spending all day watching your friends from home on Facebook, that’s going to make things hard (see #6).

4. Meditate

lol. I’m not talking about sitting in the corner for 4 hours saying “Ommmmm”, because I sure as bananas don’t want to do that either.

HeadSpace is a handy little app that will help you do it and it takes about 10 minutes in the morning.

Geez Josh, breathing and now meditating. What’s next? Health eating?

5. Be good (or at least better) to your body

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself going out much more than you ever have before. So take care of yourself and make sure that body of yours doesn’t feel regret too often.

I can recommend Blue Apron if you’re not really into cooking but want to try it out in the easiest possible way (to get a discount on your first boxes, click here).

Alternatively, just be sure to chew on a carrot or something while walking to the bar.

6. If you’re lonely, tell me!

No point being lonely alone! Especially when I want to meet you so much!

7. Leave the city sometimes

You will not realize until you look back that you were so tense!

Go hiking, or even just catch a train as far away as you can and wander around a town. You will rediscover “quiet” and you will enjoy New York more for its difference, as opposed to its monotony.

Ok, sure, I didn’t blow your mind, I know, but sometimes it helps to have someone tell you to do things, to remind you of what you’ve forgotten to do.

How about that featured image at the top by the way?