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EasyPay MTA Metro Cards 2024 (How to Skip the Lines at the Subway Station)

Did you know that you don't have to line up to get a MetroCard if you live in New York? You may have seen the ads on the subway but have you ever really looked into the EasyPay MetroCard? It's the best and safest way to use the MTA!

If you're lining up in a station every time you need to refill yoru card then you're not using your time to the best of your abilities! Also, if you lose your card, what are you going to do!?

The EasyPay website from MTA says it best:

EasyPay allows you to pay for rides automatically with a credit/debit card. Once you sign-up, your MetroCard refills whenever the balance is low. This is a great option for riders who might not live near a MetroCard Vending Machine or who don’t want to bother refilling their cards.

Basically, you have a card that you can keep forever (well, until the paper falls to parts and pieces) that will just keep topping itself up when it runs out! You don't have to worry about it running out EVER. This works for both unlimited cards AND pay-per-ride cards in the same way. When the balance or time runs out, it just tops itself up!

If you're catching a train (or bus, don't forget the bus, it's the BEST) in New York, then this is the way to go and you will never have to sweat in a train station for longer than you absolutely have to.

What happens when you lose your MTA EasyPay Metrocard?

If you lose your card and it still had money on it, you're doomed! But not with one of these:

You will not be liable for unauthorized charges that occur after you have notified us. We will immediately deactivate your card to protect unauthorized charges. We will send a replacement card in the mail. It takes about 15 business days to process and mail a replacement.

How cool is that?! Lose your card and get a new one sent to you and resume where you left off. No more wasting money!

How to get an EasyPayXpress Unlimited Metro Card

Well the process is really quite simple with this here internet:

  1. Head to the official website and read the details;
  2. Go to the Apply Now link and fill in all your details (this website is AWFUL by the way, but it's the official one so what can you do?)
  3. Wait a couple weeks and you'll have your card

Unlimited or Pay-Per-Ride? Which Metro Card is best for you?

Do you need help figuring out whether an Unlimited MetroCard is worth it?

Where luckily there's a calculator which does the math(s) for you! The magic number is 47 one-way trips per month (including transfers). If you reach that, then an unlimited 30-day card is a winner.

Happy travels!

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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