This week I received a very very very special and exciting treat from Australia, namely TreatsFromOz! A bag of Cadbury Special Treats, Freddo Frogs, and FOUR BOXES OF PIZZA SHAPES. That’s right.

Andrew & Leslie are an Aussie/American husband & wife team who are filling the niche of comforts from Australia, sending all your favorites direct from Sydney as “TreatsFromOz“!

I have a special place in my heart for Pizza Shapes and nothing that I’ve found in the U.S. can fill that place. So I’ve resorted to a steady fix of delicious treats when people come to visit, but now I can access them all by myself!

What else can you get delivered to the US?

Well at a quick glance some of my favorites (in case you’d like to send me anything):

  • Pizza Shapes, obviously
  • Cadbury Cherry Ripes – Favorite chocolate, hands down
  • Wagon wheels – Wow, totally forgot about those
  • Milo! – I hadn’t thought about you in years
  • Tim Tams – Obvi
  • Pizza Shapes again, just in case you forgot
  • Freckles – Delish

I mean really just the fact that there’s a category called “biscuits” is a nice reminder.

A special deal for America Josh readers

If you feel like grabbing your very own mix then use the code joshsmate for 10% off your order!!

It doesn’t really get better than that.

So head to and use the code joshsmate for 10% off!

They also offer wholesale treats from Australia

If you’re looking to do bigger orders and more regular orders, well then they can help with that too!

Full disclosure: Andrew & Leslie very kindly sent me this box complimentarily, and then asked if I wouldn’t mind writing something about them. I had no qualms, and I don’t receive any kickbacks if you use the code joshsmate on their site. It just gets you 10% off!